Real-time network performance & usage monitoring, right from your Mac OS X menu bar.
Beautiful, real-time network bandwidth visualiser for
Mac OS X
Monitor the throughput of capable devices: routers, WiFi, NAS, servers and more.
Keep an close eye on your usage so you don't exceed your quota.
Compatible with most SNMP and UPnP-enabled network devices*

Easy to set up

Configuration Assistant guides you through set up to help you get the right configuration.


Monitor your network in real-tme: Internet, WiFi, servers, other computers; any compatible device.

Works with

The only bandwidth monitoring tool to support both UPnP and SNMP, making it more likely to work with your devices.

Monitor your usage

Detailed breakdown of your usage helps you keep within your limit.


Monitor as many compatibile devices as you like, each one with its own specific look.

From the source

Measure performance where it counts - from the device itself.

Keep your ISP honest

Monitor your own usage. Know your Internet Provider is delivering the speeds you're paying for.

Advanced SNMP

Support for SNMPv1/2c/3 and High Capacity (64bit) counters.

Is PeakHour compatible with my router?

To find out, grab the free PeakHour Compatibility Check tool from the Mac AppStore.

The Compatibility Check tool lets you test PeakHour against your router(s) and other devices to find out if they are compatible. You can run this check as many times as you like and on as many devices as you need to.
Download the free Compatibility Check tool

Help & Support

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Detailed documentation on feature and setting, including a section dedicated to Getting Started.
Overview of the concepts, terms and and pieces including Frequently Asked Questions.
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